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What if I am not sure if CBT therapy is right for me?

Remember that you do not need to commit to a minimum number of sessions. Many people find that even a couple of sessions or less will be quite helpful to them. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Toronto has helped many people with difficulties get better and stay better. The likelihood of benefiting from CBT is good. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Toronto is usually a structured short term therapy. Many clients notice their symptoms improve within a few weeks if they are following their action plans in between sessions. If you find however that CBT is not helpful for you simply discontinue therapy and try something different.

How can I maximize my gains during therapy?

Prepare for each session with an agenda of what you wish to discuss during each session. Make a note during the therapy session of what you would like to accomplish between sessions. Follow through with what you would like to work on between sessions. Summarize at the end of each session what was discussed and ask any questions you might have about the session. Provide feedback to the therapist on how the session went for you and any changes you wish to make in subsequent sessions.

Are CBT sessions structured on the changes I wish to make in my life?

Yes, during each session clients will be asked to list their goals for therapy and to report on progress and changes noted between sessions. Clients will be actively involved in the treatment process as they note changes in their behaviour and in the way they think about situations. Keep in mind your goals for therapy and what changes you wish to make in your life. Treatment is tailored to your specific challenges and goals for change.

How long is the average CBT treatment?

Many clients find that they only need a few sessions to feel better and continue to make changes in their lives on their own. However others with more challenging difficulties will benefit from more treatment. Many clients are seen initially on a weekly basis following which sessions may be tapered back in discussion with the therapist as the client notices an improvement in their issues.

Do you provide Telephone and Video Conferencing?

Yes, video counselling has grown in popularity.  In addition to face-to-face sessions, telephone and video conferencing by Zoom is provided for those who are too busy or too inconvenient to come in to the office for sessions.

Are CBT Toronto counselling services covered by my extended health insurance plan or OHIP?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Toronto counselling services may be covered by your extended health insurance plan providing that you have coverage for a Registered Social Worker. Extended health insurance plans differ in the type of coverage they provide. Check your plan to determine what coverage is provided to you on your particular plan. The Canada Revenue Agency will permit you to claim your non-reimbursed registered social worker fees as a medical expense on your income tax return.

Payment is requested when services are given following each session. You are ultimately responsible for payment of your therapy fees. You may pay by cash, cheque or credit card at the end of each session. A receipt is provided at the end of each session for you to forward to your extended health insurance plan for reimbursement.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Toronto counselling services are not covered by OHIP, Ontario Works or ODSP.


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